The experts in water quality systems.

The firm was founded by a team of multi-disciplinary experts with a vision of protecting people from the adverse effects of questionable water quality.

ENVIROSAFE TECHNOLOGIES LTD was established in Limassol Cyprus but gradually grew to serve clients all over the country as well as in Greece and in the UK.

We have been committed to providing services which are consistent, professional and of the highest quality, in order to improve people’s lives and contribute to a better society.

Our directors, consulting engineers and technical personnel, offer services of the highest standards to a numerous businesses operating in a variety of industries.


….and Why choose to work with us

We are dedicated in constantly searching for new methods and new technologies for improving water quality to ensure the best value results for our clients.

Our Corporate Purpose is to succeed in a demanding and fastly changing world, through having the highest standards of corporate behavior towards our clients, our employees, and the societies we come into contact with.


Satisfied Customers

Our aim is to provide high-end services, quality products, value for money and after-sales customer service.


Our multi branded company offers a wide range of products.

System Disinfected

Our company continuously invests in new technologies.

Years of Expertise

We are a flexible and results-driven organization with the ability of developing specific strategies to counter-act any bacterial contamination issue.



Hospitals & Clinics are committed into having safe water as their clients are highly susceptible to bacteria. We provide them with precautionary safety plans, disinfection procedures, point-of-use filters and anti-legionella filters.



Hotels are sensitive to water quality as they have thousands of customers. Hence, they require a trustworthy company to set up a comprehensive strategy of water hygiene.



Municipalities and Community Councils are obliged by the Law to supply their residents with clean & safe water for drinking & domestic purposes. Therefore, they trust us as the guaranteed solution since we are the only certified company in Cyprus.