Columbia Aqua – FC-750 S
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UV lamps

UV sterilization constitutes an effective way to deal with various microorganisms which can be found in water. UV radiation can destroy as many as 99,9% of microorganisms which can provoke plenty of diseases. UV disinfection systems have a very stable construction, no harmful chemicals or by-products and come with high-quality quartz tubes and high-performance lamps.

  • High quality quartz lamp and sleeve keep high output of UV emit.
  • Polished stainless steel reactor chambers strong the UV reflection.
  • The most natural way to protect your water safely.
  • It is able to kill 99.9% destruction of bacteria and virus under the standard water quality and flow.
  • Easy lamp replacement and maintenance.
  • Quick and simple installation.
  • Wide application, able to be used in various water treatment areas.

There are two main mechanisms which allow UV radiation to deal with microorganisms effectively. The first of them involves creating pyrimidine dimers on the same DNA or RNA thread. It prevents cells from reproducing. The second mechanism involves breaking of cell walls and, as a result, destruction of the whole microorganism.

Disinfection effectiveness depends on the quantity of UV radiation which can be absorbed by microorganisms. The level of neutralization depends on various factors: time and intensity of lighting, type of microorganism and opacity of water. UV disinfection is the most efficient when in water there is no iron, humus substances and other substances likely to absorb radiation.

Catalogue No. Bulb power Connection Working temp Max. working pressure Max. flow rate Dimensions (len. x dia.) Power supply
UVLAMP 6 W 1/4” 2 – 40 ºC 6 bar 96 l/h 26 x 5 cm 230 V / 50 Hz
UV 25 25 W 1/2” 2 – 40 ºC 6 bar 1400 l/h 51 x 6.5 cm 230 V / 50 Hz
UV 55 55 W 1” 2 – 40 ºC 6 bar 2850 l/h 113 x 6.5 cm 230 V / 50 Hz
UV 110 110 W 1” 2 – 40 ºC 6 bar 5700 l/h 97 x 33 cm 230 V / 50 Hz