UO-D 7000 ND/FU
Brackish Water System Industrial RO System
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UO-ED 600 Z

Reference: 5110010116
Description:For desalination of softened drinking water according to drinking water regulations (free chlorine not detectable).

Counter pressure unit designed for supply of permeate under pressure up to 7 bar.

Installation in hygienic design to prevent biological contamination. For direct supply of several users (e.g. humidifiers) with water according VDI 6022, without interposed permeate storage tank.

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Item Name UO-ED 600Z – Counter Pressure Unit
Brand Herco
  • Complete unit skid mounted
  • Permeat pressure up to 7 bar
  • Integrated diaphragm pressure vessel
  • RO Digital controller
  • Recovery: up to 80%
  • Salt rejection percentage: min. 97%
  • Design pressure: 10 to 15 bar (depending on type)
  • Voltage: 1x 230V (50-150) / 3x380V (300-1200)
  • Digital flow meters
  • Profinet interface (option)
  • Incl. permeate recirculation
  • Hygienic concept to avoid biological contamination

Unit Design

  • Stainless steel base frame with plastic front panel.
  • special inlet filter with 5µm-filter cartridge,
  • High pressure pump as rotary vane type up to UO-ED 150 Z, beginning from UO-ED 300 Z as multi-stage centrifugal type.
  • Low energy wound module(s) with energy saving PA/PS composite membranes in GRP pressure vessels with inliner.
  • Valves such as sampling valves for feed water and permeate, solenoid inlet valve, valves to regulate the flow rate of permeate and concentrate.
  • Pressure sensors for pump feed pressure, operating pressure and concentrate pressure.
  • Flow sensors for permeate and concentrate.
  • Conductivity measurement permeate with temperature compensation
  • Valves for internal permeate recirculation or permeate supply.
  • Forced flow through diaphragm pressure vessel for permeate.
  • Screw connection for manual cleaning unit.
  • Connection cable (3m) with 16 A – 6 h CEE three-pole plug up to UO-ED 150 Z, beginning from UO-ED 300 Z control cabinet with lockable main switch, electrical switchgear for control of high pressure pump.


Microprocessor control RO Digital

  • For fully automatic monitoring and control of RO system.
  • Process visualization with central display of operational status and data (analogue and digital values) and hours of operation on 4-line, backlit LCD text display. Simple menu-driven operation of the controller with 6 buttons.
  • Automatic logging of relevant operating data (analogue an digital data, 1960 data sets), storage interval, programmable.
  • Highest operational safety due to adjustable alarm systems and limits of the operating parameters with selectable system response.
  • Operating conditions: permeate production, permeate rejection / recirculation, concentrate displacement / flushing, intermittent flushing when system is idle, shutdown by an external signal.
  • Analogue inputs: permeate conductivity (temperature compensated) permeate temperature, feed water, operating and concentrate pressure, flow rates of permeate and concentrate, calculated feed water flow, 2 additional programmable analogue inputs (e.g. for pressure, flow, level measurement).
  • Digital inputs: RO-unit start, RO-unit stop, hard water / motor protection, external stop, 3 universal inputs (free configurable).
  • Analogue outputs: 2 universal outputs 4-20mA, e.g. for DDC.
  • Digital outputs: high-pressure pump, valve outputs 3c (24 VDC) for example for feedwater, concentrate flushing, permeate rejection or recirculation, collective fault indication as a floating changeover contact, universal output
  • LED indicators for power and fault, fault alarms as plain text in the display.
Advantages The UO-ED Z series was developed for the direct feeding of multiple systems (e.g. humidifiers) that randomly require pure water.

The advantages of the UO-ED series:

  • Direct permeate supply unter pressure (up to 7 bar)
  • Integrated diaphragm pressure vessel
  • Integrated permeate recirculation
  • Hygienic concept to avoid biological contamination
Good to know UO-ED Z Is the perfect solution for applications that are to be fed directly as for example humidifiers, this in order to counteract all the possible biological contaminants
Footnotes The unit is designed for a maximum TDS of 1,000 mg/l, a water temperature of 15°c, a maximum colloidal index of 3 and permeate back pressure. Under these conditions, the unit still reaches the designed permeate flow after three years of operation. The permeate recovery rate depends on the raw water quality and the type of pre-treatment.
Additional Options
  • Limitron 3/4″
  • PROFINET-Interface
Height 1630 mm
Membranes 4040 x 2
Controller RO Digital
Flow Rate 600 l/h
Width 710 mm
Recovery 80 %
pH Range 6,5 – 9,5
Feedwater Connection DN 20
Permeate/Concentrate Connection DN 15/15
Minimal Salt Rejection 97 %
Voltage 3 x 400V / 50Hz
Motor Power 1.5 Kw
Pre-fusing 20 A
Conductivity Range 1 – 999 µS/cm
Feedwater Pressure min./max. 2/4 bar
Operating Pressure 13-15 bar
Feedwater Temperature min./max. 5/35 °c
Ambient Temperature Max. 40°c
Weight 140 kg
Depth 790 mm