Aqualine RO ALFA 440 – with membranes
UO-D 300 C
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UO 300 C

Reference: 5110010170
Description:Ready-to-connect system in compact design including pre-treatment for desalination of drinking water according to drinking water regulations (free chlorine not detectable).

Due to integrated water pre-treatment components as pre-filter, backflow preventer, simplex water softener and limitron hardness monitoring unit a piping on site is not necessary. Easiest on site-installation due to only 4 connections (drinking water, permeate, waste water and power socket).

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Item Name UO 300 C
Brand Herco
  • Skid mounted, complete unit (1130 x 750 x 1520 mm)
  • Simplex softener Clack WS1CI 30L mono resins
  • RO 524 controller
  • Recovery from 75% to 80%
  • Salt rejection percentage: min. 97%
  • Working pressure: 12 bar
  • Voltage: 230 V/50 Hz
  • Analogue flow meters

Unit design

  • Stainless steel base frame for installation of all components. The RO part is installed on a panel made of powder coated steel.
  • Prefilter with 100 μm-filter cartridge and two pressure gauges,
  • pipe separator BA according to EN 1717 and DIN 1988-100,
  • water meter controlled simplex water softener (UO C)
  • hardness monitoring unit limitron for continuous monitoring of feed water hardness, in case of hard water the reverse osmosis shuts down.
  • Special inlet filter with 5 μm-filter cartridge with two pressure gauges filled with glycerin,
  • high pressure pump rotary-vane type,
  • high performance wound module(s) with PA/PS composite membranes in stainless steel pressure vessel.
  • Valves such as sampling valves for feed water and permeate, inlet solenoid valve, valves to regulate the flow rate of permeate and concentrate.
  • Pressure switch for pump feed pressure, pressure gauge for operating pressure.
  • Flow meters for permeate and concentrate.
  • Conductivity measurement of permeate.
  • Screw connection for a manual cleaning unit.
  • Connecting cable (3 m) with 16A – 6h CEE three-pole plug.
  • Unit completely wired and pre-assembled and ready for installation. Electrical equipment in accordance with VDE 0100 part 600, VDE 113 part 1.

RO 524 microprocessor control

  • system for fully automated monitoring and control of the reverse osmosis unit
  • with two-digit alphanumeric display of permeate conductivity, forced stop and full tank.
  • Malfunction signals: low pressure, hard water and high conductivity, automatic restart of operation after progressive rest period.
  • LEDs for operation and disinfection status. Automatic concentrate flushing after each operating cycle, forced flushing after 24 h standby.
    • Inputs (low voltage) for level control with 1 or 2 float switches, hardness monitoring unit limitron (the RO 524 controller includes control functions for the limitron hardness monitoring unit), shut-downs by external signal (forced stop, regeneration).
    • Outputs for softening unit (230 V / 50 Hz), for 2 solenoid valves and for DDC (collective malfunction signal on floating change-over contact).
Footnotes The units are designed for a maximum TDS of 1,000 mg/l, a water temperature of 15°C, a max. colloidal index of 3 and free permeate outlet. Under these conditions, the unit still reaches design permeate flow after 3 years of operation. The permeate recovery depends on the raw water quality and the type of pre-treatment.
Additional Options
  • Permeate recirculation PR500/24
  • VSE Blending device
Height 1520 mm
Membranes 4040 x 1
Controller RO 524
Width 1130 mm
Permeate Flow 300 l/h
Recovery 75 – 80 %
Max Operating Pressure 12 bar
pH Range 3 – 11
Feedwater Connection DN 20
Permeate/Concentrate Connection DN 10
Minimal Salt Rejection 97 %
Voltage 230V / 50Hz
Motor Power 0.55 Kw
Pre-fusing 16 A
Conductivity Range 1 – 99 μS/cm
Feedwater Pressure min./max. 4/6 bar
Feedwater Temperature min./max. 5/35 °c
Ambient Temperature Max. 40°c
Weight 135 kg
Waste Water Connection HT 50
Capacity of softener 120 °dH x m³
Depth 750 mm