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Prefiltration in systems of water treatment

PWG cartridges RED reduces turbidity as well as suspended particles with a filter rating of 5 μm. This is a quick-connect cartridge with extruded polypropylene.
The first essential step to have clean drinking water.

Flow rate
Reduces water turbidity
Efficient by itself or as pre-treatment

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General characteristics

Quick-connect disposable cartridge, filtration by “MELT BLOWN” extruded polypropylene, 5 microns filtration. Cartridge for sediment removal and for the drinking water clarification, thanks to the removal of turbidity and suspended particulate.


    • Cartridge: polypropylene
    • Filtration: extruded polypropylene made with “MELT BLOWN” technology: polypropylene microfibers heat-sealed without lubricants or anti-static additives; no migration of microfibers in water, large compatibility to the most common chemical solutions; multilayer structure with high water retention capacity and filtration efficiency; high retention capacity extends life of the cartridge.


Pre-filtration systems for drinking water treatment; pre-filtration for water treatment technical systems; its use is not allowed if the water quality is not known by analysis or microbiologically not controlled; its use is allowed if the water is declared drinkable.


It’s recommended to replace the cartridge at the end of its nominal range, or if the output flow is too slow. However, the cartridge must be replaced within 365 days from its installation. Before removing the cartridge, close the water inlet upstream valve and eliminate the pressure in the circuit by opening the tap. To activate the cartridge correctly, open the inlet valve and dispense water for at least five minutes before taking it for potable uses.


For the production of PWG cartridges filters, the environmental impact is close to 0. All PWG cartridges filters are BPA free.