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Brighting ICE with bacteriostatic dechlorative action and limescale reduction

PWG ICE for brighting ice. It has a first filtration and adsorbent stage made by a 0.5 μm PWG cartridges Carbon Block technology, that eliminates unpleasant odours and tastes and a bacteriostatic action through silver ions. An antilimescale final stage provides protection against limescale precipitation even at low temperatures as in ice production systems.

Limescale protection and brilliant ice
Removes odours, off-tastes and chlorine
Bacteriostatic action

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General characteristics

Activated carbon cartridge for dechlorination and clarification of drinking water. Quick-connect disposable cartridge, with filtration by “PWG cartridges Carbon Block” with silver ions technology; 0,5 micron filtration. PWG cartridges ICE removes turbidity above 0.5 μm, reducing chlorocompounds, flavors and odors; with a neutralization action that prevents limescale precipitation in drinking water. The presence of silver ions guarantee the bacteriostatic action.


Technopolymer cartridge according to the provisions of the DM25/12 concerning the DM174/2004 and Legislative Decree 31/2001.


Vertical position


It’s recommended to replace the cartridge at the end of its nominal range, or if the output flow is too slow. However, the cartridge must be replaced within 365 days from its installation. Before removing the cartridge, close the water inlet upstream valve and eliminate the pressure in the circuit by opening the tap. To activate the cartridge correctly, open the inlet valve and dispense water for at least five minutes before taking it for potable uses.


For the production of PWG cartridges filters, the environmental impact is close to 0. All PWG cartridges filters are BPA free.