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Ultrafiltration for drinking water

PWG cartridges GOLD is the certainty for drinking water. 0.1 μm filtration and Carbon Block PWG cartridges technology added with silver ions combined with an ultrafiltration stage that prevents the passage of 99.9999% of bacteria.

Removes odors and off-tastes
Reduces chlorine
Prevents passage of 99.9999% of bacteria
Reduces the organic macromolecules presence

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General characteristics

Quick-connect disposable cartridge with silver ions technology and with hollow fiber 0.1 micron ultrafiltration final phase. Activated carbon filter for dichlorination and clarifying drinking water.

The filter reduces chlorine content, organic compounds, odors / off-tastes from the water. Thanks to the presence of silver ions, the antibacterial action downstream of the treatment system is guaranteed. Moreover, the ultrafiltration blocks the passage of 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses. PWG cartridges GOLD has been certified by TIFQ LAB, and complies with the high quality standards required by Italian law with regarding to the treatment plants of drinking water. Lab tests were conducted by simulating domestic use, also referring to long periods of inactivity of the system.


  • Cartridge: polypropylene
  • Filtration: technology with extruded “PWG cartridges Carbon Block” activated carbon with silver ions and hollow fiber ultra filtration 1 micron phase.


Upright or horizontal, as preferred with the help of support clip. Bayonet fitting for PWG cartridges heads. Before removing the cartridge, close the inlet water valve and remove the pressure in the circuit by opening the downstream tap. Turn the empty cartridge by 90 ° clockwise, then remove the cartridge from the head. Insert the new cartridge, after removing the protective cap, and turn it 90° anticlockwise. Open the inlet valve and supply water for at least 5 minutes to activate the new cartridge. After brief periods of inactivity, supply water before drinking it. In the event of prolonged disuse, disinfect the system.


It’s recommended to replace the cartridge at the end of its nominal range, or if the output flow is too slow. However, the cartridge must be replaced within 365 days from its installation. Before removing the cartridge, close the water inlet upstream valve and eliminate the pressure in the circuit by opening the tap. To activate the cartridge correctly, open the inlet valve and dispense water for at least five minutes before taking it for potable uses.


For the production of PWG cartridges filters, the environmental impact is close to 0. All PWG cartridges filters are BPA free.