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Filter for arsenic removal

PWG cartridges reduces the concentration of arsenic. Selective arsenic resin and final filtration stage at 0.5 μm with PWG cartridges Carbon Block technology added with silver ions for bacteriostatic action. To be used with arsenic concentration up to 50 μg/l.

Removes odours and off-tastes and reduces chlorine
Guarantees a bacteriostatic action
Reduces concentration of arsenic

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General characteristics

Quick-connect disposable cartridge for the treatment of drinking water that exceeded in the limit of arsenic (> 10 g / l;<50 g / l). Last phase of filtration obtained with PWG cartridges Carbon Block technology mixed with silver ions with a filtration of 0.5 microns. If the cartridge is used in equipment related to the food sector, the system must meet the requirements laid down by European Community Directive 178/2002.


  • Cartridge: polypropylene
  • Two steps Filtration
  1. Macroporous resin loaded with iron hydroxide for adsorption of arsenic (see Lewatit FO36 technical sheet) mixed with granular activated carbon (GAC).
  2. PWG cartridges Carbon Block technology mixed with silver The resin meets the NFS 61 and WRAS standards.

Composite structure filter for treatment of drinking water notwithstanding the current regulations regarding Arsenic parameter (as AS V as As III).




It’s recommended to replace the cartridge at the end of its nominal range, or if the output flow is too slow. However, the cartridge must be replaced within 365 days from its installation. Before removing the cartridge, close the water inlet upstream valve and eliminate the pressure in the circuit by opening the tap. To activate the cartridge correctly, open the inlet valve and dispense water for at least five minutes before taking it for potable uses.


For the production of PWG cartridges filters, the environmental impact is close to 0.