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Pooltester for the measurement of pH- and Chlorine or pH- and Bromine values. 8 pH scale values, 16 Chlorine / Bromine scale values

Pooltesters are mainly used in the wellness sector and, even if the name doesn’t hint at it, they are also used for the analysis of drinking and industrial waters. In many countries, for example, drinking and industrial waters must be disinfected with chlorine which requires that they be subjected to consistent controls. hotels worldwide already use the Water-i.d. Pooltester for guest swimming pools, and also to determine the quality of their drinking and general waters. Water-i.d. Pooltesters are even used by well-known international aid organizations to also control drinking water plants in crisis regions. Here too, people rely on Water-i.d.’s quality standards.

High measuring accuracy

Chlorine (0 – 3.0 mg/l) and pH values (6.8 – 8.2) are tested with high accuracy. They have a certainty and can counteract if necessary.

Self-explanatory is the operation of the tester. And if you are ever unsure: A look at the packaging and the intuitively understandable instructions are sufficient to eliminate the ambiguity.

Ergo mixed
The ergonomically optimized lid ensures a secure grip.

Testparameter Measuring Range
pH-Value 6.8 – 8.2
Chlorine (free) (Cl2 mg/l) 0.1 – 6
Chlorine (combined) (Cl2 mg/l) 0.1 – 6
Chlorine (total) (Cl2 mg/l) 0.1 – 6
Bromine (Br mg/l) 0.22 – 13.2
Product Nr Type Parameter
TbsRpH Phenol Red pH-Value
Product Nr Reagents Type Parameter Packaging Unit
TbsRD1pH60 TbsRpH Phenol Red pH-Value 30
TbsRD1pH60 TbsRD1 DPD N° 1 Chlorine (free) (Cl2 mg/l) 15
Bromine (Br mg/l) 15

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