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PALLAS Water Softener

€800 – €1.500
Pallas is your ideal solution for all trouble caused by limescale: Limescale hardens and settles in your dishwasher, coffee maker, steam iron and other domestic appliances working with hot water.
Besides, Pallas will protect the important and expensive appliances in your house such as central heating, boiler, etc.
Where limescale can affect the efficient use of energy.
Moreover, by choosing the Pallas® you will save considerably on the use of soap and cleaning liquids necessary for washing clothes and crockery.
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Technical Specifications

How Does it work?

Pallas Mono contains an electronic demand valve which can be programmed to start the regeneration on a defined time when capacity softener is exhausted. During regeneration, valve withdraws saturated solution of sodium chloride to exchange Ca and Mg ion with Sodium. These Ca and Mg ions are led towards valve drain port and then some rinsing are executed until sodium chloride excess is removed from the resin bed. Your water will not be softened during this period.

Pallas Duo works in a different way than the Pallas Mono. It uses a duplex valve and two vessels. That means it can deliver softened water all day long, 7 days a week. When one vessel is being regenerated, the valve automatically switches to the other vessel. It is a counter  current regeneration and the soft water helps the regeneration to be much more efficient (quantity of produced  soft  water  compared  to  salt  and water amount for final rinsing). It is even possible to execute a soft  disinfection  of resins with chloride electrolysis into chlorine (option).

Electronic Controller

Water meter gives on time information on  water usage to the electronic controller. When system capacity is exhausted, controller starts regeneration. Capacity at start up is linked to softener size (Pallas Mini or Maxi) and inlet mains water hardness.

Displays alternates between time of the day and remaining capacity.

Design and Dimensions

Pallas water softener can be located in very narrow spots: kitchen furniture, under the sink….This comes from this innovate design with optimized ergonomics and sliding salt lid.

Professional assembly combined with a robust packaging insure you to receive  a “ready to install” device.