Pallas Direct Flow EF-300 with pump and frame
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Pallas Direct Flow RO500WP (UK)


Domestic & Commercial RO’s improve the water quality by removing minerals such as sodium, sulphate, chlorine, sediment and bacteria. Better water not only influences your devices, but also the taste of your coffee, your tea, your ice. The domestic & commercial solutions provided by the Pollet Water Group improve your day-to-day life and ease your comfort. Our new Pallas RO range is manufactured inhouse in compliance with the industry’s standard and norms.

  • 20″ Opaque Blue Housing (2 Pcs)
  • 20″ Transparent Housing (1 Pcs)
  • 20″ 5 Micron Spun (Sediment) Filter
  • 20″ GAC Carbon Cartridge Filter (UDF)
  • 20″ Block Carbon Cartridge Filter (CTO)
  • 12″ Post Carbon Coconut
  • 5×100 GPD = 500 GPD Membrane (Tecflo Brand)
  • 500 GPD Pump
  • Adapter

Advantages of Pallas RO’s

  • Short payback time
  • No more bottles of water:
    • No handling of heavy packaging
    • Less waste
    • No stock of bottles needed
  • Water filtration up to 1/1000 μ with removal of:
    • Chlorine taste
    • Smell
    • Heavy metals
    • Bacteria
    • Viruses
  • 24h/24h clear and pure water
  • Plug & Play systems
  • Compact unit
  • Sustainable
  • Low carbon footprint (No transport of water)
  • Better taste of your coffee and tea
  • Perfectly suitable for ironing
  • Greener plants & flowers stay fresh longer
  • No need to use a towel to dry crystal glasses after rinsing with RO water
  • Private & white label possibilities
  • Different colour options based on MOQ (as from 300 pieces)
Capacity 1500 liter per day (100 GPD x5)
Height 800 mm
Width 240 mm
Colours Blue
Weight 25 kg
Depth 500 mm