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Hydra Mono Water Softener

€800 – €1.500

Hydra Mono Softener, is an ultra high quality water softener. It combines a traditional casing with modern monospheric resin resulted in 20% increase in performance.

Advanced monospheric ion exchange resin increases efficiency up to 20%
Easy to operate.
Resin volume: 30 liters

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Hydra Mono Water Softener, is a modern water softener which provides an effective way to deal with limescale. It is filled with high quality monospheric ion exchange resin, which increases its efficiency by 20%. This special resin makes Hydra Mono an eco-friendly product. It uses less water and salt for regeneration and thus generates less wastewater. A reduced time of regeneration allows to reduce operation costs by as much as 30% in comparison with the products offered by our competitors.
It is equipped with automatic, electronic time-volume control valve equipped with by-pass. The maintenance-service is intuitive and limited to salt refill only.

Main Problems of Hard Water

  • Precipitation in pipes, accessories and equipment.
  • Precipitation in electrical resistances.
  • Increase of energy consumption because of isolation.
  • More use of soap and chemical products.
  • Reduction of the electronical device’s lifetime
  • More need of maintenance.

Advantages of Hydra Mono Water Softener

  1. Reduces water hardness.
  2. Automatic, electronic time-volume control valve equipped with by-pass.
  3. Increased resistance against iron and manganese ions.
  4. Extended media service life.
  5. Low operating costs.
  6. Lower salt consumption.
  7. Washings reduction.
  8. The largest amount of resin in a compact softener – 30 litres.


RECOMMENDED Installation for Hydra Mono Water Softener

Catalogue No. / Symbol WS-30-H-MONO
Type Hydra Mono – compact
Maximum flow 2.5  m3/h
Nominal flow 1.2  m3/h
Resin volume 30 l
Exchange capacity 102  dT
Average water consumption for regeneration 160 l
Average salt consumption for regeneration 3 kg
Salt tank capacity 50 kg
Dimensions (W/D/H) 31/52/114 cm
Tank dimensions (OD/H) 10″ / 35″
Weight 36 kg
Working pressure 2 – 8 bar
Working temperature 4-30 °C
Power supply, voltage AC 220-240 V; 50/60 H z 12 V (650 mA)
Power consumption 5 W (during regeneration only)
Connection 1″
Suggested number of people
(depends on water hardness)
up to 5