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Denver+18 Water Softener

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Denver+ 18 Water Softener

The DENVER+ 18 water softener, is a new generation water softener system with an elegant design. Moreover, it includes a sliding brine tank cover and an electronic controller. Additionally, it includes an easy-to-program metered valve for better operation.

With the DENVER+ 18 water softener, you firstly avoid all kind of problems caused by high water hardness. Therefore, the maintenance required by the electronical devices is reduced significantly.  As a result, all electronical devices and pipework system will have a longer lifetime.

Moreover, the water softener will produce softened water of high quality and will also incorporate a system of residual hardness in the pipework. In addition, this feature allows you to choose the ideal hardness for your home.

In conclusion, the water softener will offer you and a better quality of water for you home and installation.

Reduces the hardness level present in the water, that causes the incrustations.
Provides a lovely wellness sensation in the shower.
Soft and smooth skin.

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Main Problems of Hard Water

  • Precipitation in pipes, accessories and equipment.
  • Precipitation in electrical resistances.
  • Increase of energetic consumption because of isolation.
  • More use of soap and chemical products.
  • Reduction of life time of the electronical devices.
  • More need of maintenance.

Advantages of DENVER+ 18 Water Softener

  1. Reduces water hardness.
  2. Low cost of maintenance.
  3. High Quality Material.
  4. Automatic function, your only concern is to add salt to the tank storage from time to time.
  5. ENERGY SAVING: Avoid the future incrustations in the pipes and connections.
  6. ECONOMIC SAVING: Reduces the consumption of the soaps, softeners and chemical products.
  7. Increases the life time of the electronic devices and heating systems.

Regeneration grade and capacity

The quantity of the calcium and magnesium ions that the resin can keep is limited. Therefore, the volume of water that a softener can treat is also limited. Because of this, the system has to do from time to time a process known by regeneration. As soon as the regeneration process starts it will allow the resin to be charged again with sodium ions in order to be able to make the softening process again.

In Denver+ 18 Water Softener, the regeneration process starts automatically when the system detects that the exchange capacity is going to finish. At this time, the timer incorporated in the system allows to configurate in a different way the starting of the regeneration.


RECOMMENDED Installation for DENVER+ 18 Water Softener

Model Name Denver Plus 18
Dimensions D50.5×W33.3×H103.4 cm
Voltage 110V / 220V
Resin volume 18 L
Connection diameter 1″
Min. / Max. working pressure 2.5 kg/m2 – 8.5 kg/m2
Min. / Max. working temperature 4℃~35℃
Working flow 0.8 m3/h
Peak flow 1.1 m3/h
Table with volumes and salt consumption per regeneration:
Exchange capacity Salt consumption
Minimum 57 °HFxm3 1.1 kg
Average 82 °HFxm3 2.2 kg
Maximum 119 °HFxm3 4.5 kg