CL-150 Commercial RO System
CLH Industrial RO System
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CLS Industrial RO System

  • Open type frame for easy maintenance.
  • Automatic checking devices for feed water, product water and tank full.
  • Overload breaker for booster pumps.
  • LCD monitor displays the value of TDS, controlling water quality instantly.
  • Pre-filtration equipment needed.
Model Name CLS
Dimensions D48×W60×H155 cm (Customized products may be different.)
RO Output 4,000 GPD / 5,000 GPD / 6,000 GPD
Voltage 110V / 220V
Inlet Water Pressure > 40 psi
Inlet Water TDS < 1,000 ppm
Inlet Water Hardness < 5 ppm
Inlet Water Temperature 20℃~45℃
Remarks Recommend to install a pre-filter system.