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Brackish Water System Industrial RO System

  • Enable to purify brackish water from T.D.S. 2000~12000 ppm to below T.D.S. 60 ppm.
  • Completely assembled system saves installation time.
  • Auto clean water flushing system prevents metal components (pumps, solenoid valves… etc.)from corrosion and extends the life of membranes to about 2-3 times more.
  • Set membrane cleaning system to replace the water softener, saving money and improving efficiency.
  • Follow the TDS analysis sheet from source water, plan the in need system.
Dimensions D69×W217×H156 cm (Customized products may be different.)
RO Output 1,500 GPD / 4,000 GPD / 6,000 GPD / 12,000 GPD
Voltage 110V / 220V