We offer a complete range of filtration systems specifically for domestic and industrial use. These systems are made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials which can be applied in external and under the sink locations. Using these filters all suspended solids, particles, chlorine residuals, pesticides, bacteria & viruses are effectively removed therefore improving water quality & flavor. The range of filters is available in various sizes & configurations according to the quality of water needed.


The Reverse Osmosis process is a highly efficient method of purifying water by pressuring water molecules across a semi-permeable membrane. This process removes all pollutants including viruses, micro-organisms, pesticides, heavy metals and toxins leaving purer water for drinkable use. Our R.O. systems vary in dimensions and capabilities and apply to both industrial and domestic use.


Soft water is ideal for any installation because it has a better taste, it feels better on your skin, it increases the lifespan of domestic appliances by 30%-50% as well as the efficiency of water heating equipment. A water softener is responsible for removing scale from water by passing it through an ion exchange resin unit. This unit uses a process that replaces calcium & magnesium ions with sodium ions thus softening the water quality. Our softener units apply to all types of installations and meet any requirement for soft water.


UV lighting is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of water disinfection that reduces the use of chemicals. Our sophisticated UV sterilization systems is the ideal solution for disinfection and sanitization purposes for any type of water installation. This technology is primarily used in areas where there is a risk of microbiological contamination. UV is effective for eradicating bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and fungi from water and is widely used in residential mains water, hotels, hospitals, swimming pools, spas etc


Water saving devices control the amount of water that flows through the tap without affecting the water pressure as they mix the water with air. These smart devices can be fitted on any water faucet and shower. Using these eco-friendly devices, you can save up to 60% for water usage as well as reduce the energy cost in any type of installation. Water savers are preferred by companies, hospitals and hotels as it is an efficient way of reducing water & energy bills.