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    1How is water quality maintained at a safe level?
    Our team of experts performs a survey of your installation and suggests specific recommendations based on EU laws & regulations.
    2What type of filtration is recommended for drinking water in Hotels?
    We provide you with tailor-made solutions, depending on the specifications of the water quality in your premises.
    3What type of water treatment is advisable for Municipalities?
    Our company collaborates with the leading water treatment companies worldwide and provides our customers with custom-made consulting, depending on each Municipality΄s location.
    4Why does a water tank need to be Cleaned & Disinfected?
    It is necessary to clean and disinfect your water tank at least annually, because of the sludge, dirt & bacterial growth it may have. Our technical team, is fully trained & equipped to adequately clean & disinfect the tank based on strict public health laws & regulations.
    5How to have a bacterial-free water system?
    Our vast products and services portfolio provide us with the ability to guaranty a bacterial free environment for any type of water system.