Our aim is to provide high-end services, quality products, value for money and after-sales customer service. We consider our clients as true strategic partners; therefore, we strive to meet their expectations no matter the sector they are in. Our wide range of clientele includes: Hotels, Hospitals, Clinics, Universities, Schools, Municipalities, Community councils, Banks, Malls, Army camps, Ministries, Governmental Organizations & Residences.


Our multi branded company offers a wide range of products such as Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis systems, Point-of-use systems (POU), Micro-filtration / Ultra-filtration, UV Sterilization systems, Antibacterial/Legionella filters, Drinking water dispensers & Water Saving devices.

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Our company continuously invests in new technologies, environmental-friendly disinfectants, cost effective equipment and training in order to achieve guaranteed results and eradicate bacterial contaminations. No matter how complicated is the system we can ensure a long term bacterial-free condition.


We are a flexible and results-driven organization with the ability of developing specific strategies to counter-act any bacterial contamination issue. Going through our 16 years of presence in the water quality industry we are dedicated in satisfying our customers’ needs. Throughout the years, we have worked together with clients from different industries & sectors and we have developed the essential skills required to find custom-made solutions for any type of bacterial growth & proliferation problem. Our company’s personnel acquired a high level of expertise due to the different types of issues encountered in all industries.


When plastic bottles degrade, toxic chemicals are released into the environment. With that being said, it can take up to 1000 years for a plastic bottle to degrade. However, plastic bottles do not biodegrade, so they will remain in our environment forever.


With the newest technologies & procedures in the Water Industry, we believe that we can have a positive impact on the environment by minimising the carbon emissions. The solutions we deliver to our customers are smart, ecological & help to reduce plastic waste.